Tips for Mobile Game Development In the early days, mobile phones were mostly used for the purpose of communication. However, there have been developments and mobile revolution has led to significant changes in this electronic device making it more fun and entertaining. With the help of smartphones, one can easily organize their calendars, set their reminders, make calls, text their friends, play games among other activities. There are various steps that have been taken by the gaming industry in order to attract gamers towards using mobile phones. There are plenty of users attracted to getting mobile phones as gaming devices as game developers are creating innovative gaming apps. In addition to hand-held devices, almost any kind of smartphone has gaming apps developed on them. There is a lot of growth that has been witnessed in the gaming industry that has boosted technology immensely. There is usually a high demand for mobile gaming apps as many young people are gaining interest in them pretty fast. During game development, there is a process that is followed in order to create a fun game that will be loved by many people. Coming up with a gaming idea which is innovative and creative is the first step that one takes. In the gaming idea, one should include the experience they want players to gain, player details as well as the problem solving technique the game offers. Once one drafts the game idea, the next step is to develop the concept. One is supposed to make a document that is brief and contains an overview of the game and is a representation of a game’s four building blocks. Game mechanics is one of the building blocks of a game. The mechanics contain a description of how a player is supposed to achieve the goal of the game. This describes the starting position, the board and a number of moves a player takes when playing the game in order to win.
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Another building block of a game is the setting whereby there’s a summary of the story as well as aesthetics of the game. All events that take place before and during the game are described in the story as well as the game world. The way the game appears and sounds is what is described in aesthetics. Besides mechanics and setting, the technology used in the game as well as interaction provided are other building blocks of the game.
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The last step one takes is to create a prototype of their game. The prototype includes the most important mechanics of your game and should resemble parts of the game. Once the prototype is created, one designs the game’s architecture, develops it and test it finally to make sure it performs the task it is required to.